On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 11:54 AM, Isaiah Carew <isa...@me.com> wrote:
> 1.  You're decimating the client market on every platform but Windows.

The  iPhone and Mac versions of Tweetie have been a) dominant and b)
free (ad-supported).

If your app was set to compete with Tweetie 2 on the Mac and iPhone
before this, it still is.

If it wasn't, it still isn't.

Also, you've had a LOT of time to compete against Tweetie on the Mac.
If you missed the window, well, sorry.

> 2.  You're killing any potential for innovation or investment.

Oh, baloney. Ask BareBones how BBEdit has done competing against the
free version of TextEdit.

In 2010, you are going to compete with "free". That sucks, but it's
the reality of the situation. You'd better have a plan in place for

I'm still giving EchoFon for Mac and iPhone a serious look. Why?
Because it has features Tweetie doesn't.

I'd start with looking at what Tweetie doesn't offer. What does it
make too difficult?

"really wish i knew why so many twitter clients are against keyboard
navigation and proper highlighting"

http://twitter.com/bynkii/status/12026843737 (21 hours ago… Via Tweetie)

Tweetie breaks several Mac UI principles ("click to select a word"
comes to mind).

A good UI for filtering tweets based on strings ("SXSW" comes to
mind). Sync between Mac and iPhone.

Push notifications for mentions.

Push notifications for mentions only for people who follow you.

Push notifications for mentions only for people you follow.

Push notifications of new posts by only a select group of people (like
SMS notifications, but without SMS).

I'm still waiting for someone to build a big enough database to get
relationship data in-app ("x person is also followed by these people
you follow", as one example).

There are a half-dozen ideas off the top of my head.

> 3.  You have no clear (public) plan for any innovation yourself.
Have you published your plan for innovation somewhere? I'm under the
impression that *most* companies keep their future plans a fairly well
guarded secret. (Well, except for Microsoft, who tell you what they
are going to do and then do 1/100th of it 4 years later.)


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