NO but twitter does shut down perfectly good apps all the time... it's
very frustrating.

On Mar 4, 11:11 pm, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> Why would you want Tweetie or TweetDeck reported and disabled because
> some users use it to post spammy tweets??
> On Mar 4, 5:23 pm,TammyFennell <> wrote:
> > Hi, this istammyfrom MarketMeTweet... been speaking extensively with
> > Brian Sutorius about this, but wanted to post it here too. Right now
> > apps are going inactive that use OAUTH and sometimes it seems there's
> > no rhyme or reason. there's no well written rules, nothing.  Truth is
> > it's going to get even harder to police so why not do it the way you
> > deal with spammy twitter accounts? Just put a "report app" next the
> > "from app" under the tweet. Let it be user policed. Much easier for
> > you!  If developers start getting their apps shut down willy nilly,
> > people are going to stop developing for twitter, simple as that...
> > Other idea is to do certified apps, and push the heck out of those....
> > Let me know if i can be of any help!

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