Anyone else want to join in on this? Ryan wants to chat about
specifics in the 10:15 am session of the Hack Day, so I agree with
Abraham that it makes sense to try and meet some time on Day 1 to
collect some thoughts. I'm sure we'll have a lot of new info to digest
as well.

On Apr 12, 4:31 pm, Abraham Williams <> wrote:
> I'm looking forward to Chirp and the dialogs that will happen. The Coop
> session on the second day looks to be the best time to have a heart to heart
> between third-party developers and the platform team. I think it would be
> good to have the third-party developers meet before then have
> a discussion about what we want and what our priorities are. I'm not sure
> when the best time would be. During the afternoon break or at 9pm on the
> first day seem like good times. I also think it would be respectful of
> Twitter employees to not attend this gathering so developers can be frank
> and honest. There will be many other opportunities.
> Abraham
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