We've added a new set of HTTP response headers to users/search to document
its secondary rate limit:

* X-FeatureRateLimit-Limit
* X-FeatureRateLimit-Remaining
* X-FeatureRateLimit-Reset
* X-FeatureRateLimit-Class

Calls to users/search are rate limited by the standard REST API rate limit,
as well as by a secondary rate limit that applies only to users/search (60
calls per hour). If either of these limits is exceeded, access to
users/search is restricted until the limits reset.

The new headers provide information about the secondary rate limit in the
same way that the existing X-RateLimit headers document the standard REST
API rate limit. Both sets of headers will be sent in response to calls to

You can find more information about this update here:

Dana Contreras
Twitter Platform Team

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