Is there API endpoints planned to accept/reject incoming and cancel
outgoing pending requests?

I am curious, what the use case is for a list of ids for pending
requests? Without APIs to interact with pending requests, what would
this information be used for?

For a mobile client, exposing this type of information is valuable to
the user, but user objects (not ids) would be required to create a UI
for someone to view and then interact with such requests.

--Naveen Ayyagari

On Apr 13, 7:32 pm, Dana Contreras <> wrote:
> We've deployed two new methods for retrieving pending follow requests for
> protected users:
> * /friendships/incoming
> * /friendships/outgoing
> The incoming method returns a list of users who have pending requests to
> follow the authenticating user. The outgoing method returns a list of
> protected users for whom the authenticating user has pending follow
> requests.
> Both methods return 5000 user IDs per page. Cursors are provided in the
> unlikely event that you need to page through a list of more than 5000
> pending follow requests.
> Full documentation is 
> here:
> Enjoy!
> --
> Dana Contreras
> Twitter Platform Team

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