Basic auto being turned off means just that..

Desktop clients can implement xAuth as an alternative, where you do a
one-time exchange of login and password for an OAuth access token and
continue from there signing your requests and doing things in the
OAuth way. You'd no longer, as a best practice and one that I would
stress in the upmost even on a desktop client, store the login and
password beyond the xAuth access token negotiation step. If the token
were revoked you would then query for the login and password again and
so on and so on and also and also.

Obtaining permission to use xAuth for desktop clients is as easy as
sending a well-identified and verbose note to

Basic auth had a good run. It's nearly time to say goodnight.


On Tuesday, April 13, 2010, Dean Collins <> wrote:
> Just so I understand this, applications running on the desktop will still 
> work correct? Basic functionality is only being turned off for web apps 
> correct? It's not like desktop apps will have to start using oauth.
> Cheers,
> Dean
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> Could you please announce the hard turn off date somewhere on one of
> your Twitter blogs about a month ahead of time, so that we all have an
> official source to point our users to when we explain to them why
> we're converting everything over to OAuth?
> On Apr 13, 8:19 pm, Raffi Krikorian <> wrote:
>> we have announced deprecation, and will hard turn off basic authentication
>> in june.  the exact date has not been set, but i presume it will be later in
>> the month.
>> Is Basic Auth going to be deprecated (as in hard switched-off) in
>> > June, or are you in June going to announce depracation, with the hard
>> > switch-off then coming a few months later?
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>> Raffi Krikorian
>> Twitter Platform Team
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