Thanks for confirming.  Glad I'm not alone!

Are you using the "source" keyword in your queries?  The more I try,
the more I think that seems to be the problem since I can't recreate
timeouts/long query times when I don't use it.  But again, maybe not

I'll work on not using it for now.  But, thought I'd mention in case
anybody from the twitter search team is out there.

Nice app BTW, looks cool.


On Apr 14, 8:56 am, Pykler <> wrote:
> I am a member of a team working on a new startup to classify 
> twittersearchresults into various categories. Kinda cool, check 
> itout However, not all queries may work, and sometimes
> you would have to resubmit them as mentioned by Ryan.
> On Apr 12, 7:04 pm, Ryan W <> wrote:
> > Is anybody else seeing a high frequency ofsearchtimeouts?
> ...
> > Seemed to be working fine until yesterday.
> YES! same thing.
> > Here's the weird part though.
> > First case:
> > - execute complexsearchdirectly in browser and it timesoutlike my
> > app gets on App Engine
> > Second case:
> > - run a simple, single word,searchin a browser
> > - then run the complexsearchimmediately after and it works
> > It's almost like it has to be primed? It also seems like the "-source"
> > parameter is the problem, but that could just be anecdotal and clouded
> > by my second case example above.
> To me it looked random, re-running the same query seems to work
> sometimes and then fail. We thought it was our caching strategy which
> we worked all night yesterday optimizing so that we don't hit twittersearchas 
> much, yet we often get timedout. Wonder if someone is
> looking into this.
> --
> Hatem
> Twecan Developer Twecan - Making sense of twittersearch

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