First of all I'd like to add my thanks for this to everyone else's - a
much nicer and more self-contained setup than we've had before, if not
an entirely unexpected development.

One issue I'd like to query (and apologies if this has come up before,
I've not been watching the chirp streams) is whether
is architected to be likely to survive major Twitter downtime? I'm
sure you'll appreciate my point that uptime information is unlikely to
be useful if we can't get it when the main Twitter site is undergoing
technical issues itself. Whilst I can't claim to be any sort of
network engineer or even to have a particularly good knowledge of the
DNS system I wonder if you could possibly set up
externally - that is, with another hosting provider and/or in a
different location, in order to make sure it stays up (though
obviously this might not be reasonably economical).

On Apr 14, 10:27 pm, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> Okay, this seriously rocks.
> Congrats to everyone who worked on making happen.

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