I was able to post a couple tweets successfully with TweetBox from my
dev environment.

the first: http://twitter.com/floxee/statuses/12241908454
the second: http://twitter.com/floxee/statuses/12242293495

However, it seems odd to me that the 2nd tweet was possible when I
logged into the app (via twitter oauth) as a different user. The tweet
was posted from the account with which the application was registered
and not the account i was logged in with.

It also seems like it's possible to post a tweet via tweetbox when you
are completely logged out of any app AND logged out of twitter AND
with cache/cookies/session cleared. The tweet will be posted from the
application's account. Don't think this is proper functionality.

On Apr 15, 7:09 am, amrnt <amr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Any body tries to post a status from Tweet Box and it posted
> successfully to his Twitter?

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