Yeah, I was able to switch my app back via the old page, but just
wanted to bring it to attention.

On Apr 15, 4:35 pm, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> In that case, you might not want to edit your app settings through
> dev. because since early this morning, the old edit URL [1] has been
> throwing a fail whale. You won't be able to restore your r/w setting.
> [1]
> On Apr 15, 5:12 pm, "Mike Davis (mcdavis)" <> wrote:
> > When creating or editing an app through the new site,
> > the application will lose (or never be permitted) "write access" and
> > will only have "read access".
> > The options to choose between "read access" or "read & write access"
> > that's on the old oAuth page are no longer accessible on the new dev
> > page.
> > Is this being done away with or was it just left out?

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