I don't believe it will be that simple.  Perhaps creating an admin
panel for the WP plugin which asks for the api key with text about how
to register for one.  I dont think you can get around the subdomain/
domain restriction per key any other way.

On Apr 15, 3:48 pm, Rhys Wynne <rhysiebo...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've been tinkering around with the Twitter API & @anywhere and I've
> cobbled together a wordpress plugin that allows hovercards to be
> displayed on blogs, specifically my blog.
> However, when testing on friend's sites, whilst the actual hovering
> works, clickthroughs don't. I suspect the reason is obvious - API keys
> & the fact that my blog's URL is required for callbacks etc.
> Is there a way I can package it up so that users can download a
> wordpress plugin, activate it & it's good to go? Ideally I don't want
> people signing up for API keys left, right & centre as it just seems a
> little pointless. Does Wordpress have an API key that can be used with
> @anywhere?
> Just playing with the software, keep up the great work!
> Rhys

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