FYI - once the "not found" issue starts - i get the same thing when i
view the demo page on - the buttons on the anywhere
page also say not found.

please advise as i want to release today - thanks

On Apr 15, 11:31 pm, Albert Stein <> wrote:
> Hi - I am working with the @anywhere Follow Button option. I added it
> to my page - I have several buttons on the page for different users -
> after a couple of refreshes, the buttons always change to a yellow !
> and a "xyz user not found" and you can't click on the button. After a
> period of time (seems like 20 mins), the buttons start working again -
> that is they become blue with the follow link.
> I asked a friend who codes a bunch of Twitter and he doesn't think
> it's a rate limiting issue - so I would love some help with figuring
> out what's going on.
> I've tried hitting the site from multiple computers as well with the
> same issue.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
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