There is a known bug in the @anywhere application creation flow that
results in @anywhere applications having read-only access.   This
results in @anywhere widgets like the TweetBox and Follow Button not

We just rolled out a fix to all currently registered @anywhere
applications.  However, those creating new applications over the
weekend will need to grant their application(s) write permissions by
following these steps:

1) Go to:
2) Click on your application
3) On the "Application Details" page click the "Edit Application
Settings" button
4) On the settings page for your application, scroll down to the item
labeled "Default Access type"
5) Change the "Default Access type" to "Read & Write"

We apologize for the inconvenience and will be deploying a fix for
this early next week.  We'll be sure to notify you all when the fix is
rolled out.

- The @anywhere Team

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