When using the "GET list memberships" API (
http://api.twitter.com/1/twitterapi/lists/memberships.*), it looks like
paging is broken.  If the user is a member of >20 lists, you can never see
anything beyond the first 20.  I'm passing cursor=-1 (well, twitter4j is) on
the first request, and I get back the first page of 20 lists, which is
fine...but no matter what, I always get back:

"next_cursor":0, "previous_cursor":0, "next_cursor_str":"0",

...which prevents any paging beyond that first page of 20.  This is the case
no matter which user I've tried.

What seems coincidental is that even on the twitter web site proper, only
the first page of 20 is presented as well, with no way to page beyond
that...for example:  http://twitter.com/GamePro/lists/memberships  I'm not
sure if that's a related issue, or an intentional thing that has also
affected the API, or what.

Anyway, can twitter please fix paging on the "GET list memberships" API?

Dan Checkoway

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