Hello all, please forgive a newbie here.

I would like to accomplish one simple task as described in the
title:   get the URL of a user profile picture by user name, in the
context of a Mac application.  At this time (and in the foreseeable
future) I have no interest in doing more with the API(s).

I do not want to ask users to authenticate with their own accounts for
this simple purpose, and I don't want to run into an application-based
rate-limit for my distributed, desktop application.   I do plan to
cache and honestly I can't imagine more than 50 calls a WEEK per IP
for this purpose.

I assume based on this from the FAQ:

"The REST API does account- and IP-based rate limiting. Authenticated
API calls are charged to the authenticating user's limit while
unauthenticated API calls are deducted from the calling IP address'

... that the user's IP is the one "deducted" if unauthenticated, which
is perfectly fine.

But the search API requires authentication:


I've spent quite a lot of time trying to figure this out already, so a
simple "yes, you can do it and here's the URL" would be very kind.  (I
can easily accomplish what I want just by parsing some HTML... but I
thought I'd try to be legit about it ;-)

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