Hello Rajinder. Thank you for coming -- and for the note. Very glad
you found it worthwhile.


On Saturday, April 17, 2010, Rajinder Yadav <devguy...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Just want to say BIG thanks to everyone at Twitter for hosting Chirp;
> Thanks to the organizers, co-founders, Team Twitter and the many
> volunteers. Most of all I am grateful to Twitter for making it
> affordable for individuals like me to be able to attend. Chirp was a
> blast. Also first time in SF, great people, fun city to explore and
> visit. Will be back to visit again and look forward to another Chirp
> event in the future.
> Really happy to score pictures with Ryan and Evan, was worth the trip
> just for that alone!!! Still need one with Biz and Dick, next time!
> Thanks Twitter =)
> --
> Kind Regards,
> Rajinder Yadav

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