I am not familiar with ham radios and APRS.  Is each text message
authenticated to a specific user?  Are certain messages human readable
and interesting in some way?
If so it might be interesting to provide an application for ham radio
operators to connect their accounts across platforms in some way.  For
example would there be a way to communicate across the platforms to
aid in disasters?   (I couldn't tell just by looking at the stream....
seemed like mostly coordinates going by.)

I would really be careful that any application isn't too loud,
otherwise most humans wouldn't want to follow their accounts.  Clearly
just tweeting all of these messages through one account wouldn't be of
much value to twitter users and most of the data isn't human
readable.  If you could connect individual accounts between the
platforms and filter or only share selected data it could be

- Steve

Stephen Rife
Digital Garage, Tokyo

On 4月20日, 午前1:46, Kelly Jones <kelly.terry.jo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> APRS (aprs.net) is a system ham radio operators use to broadcast short
> text messages (sound familiar?), usually about their current position,
> current weather, etc.
> If you "telnet rotate.aprs.net 10152" and enter "user READONLY pass -1",
> you can see most (all?) APRS data.
> I think it'd be useful to stream this data into twitter to make it
> more available.
> There's quite a bit of data generated every minute, so this might
> require an exception to the normal tweets-per-hour policy.
> Thoughts?
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