Hey everyone, I wanted to share with the group this Javascript library
which might be useful for any apps dealing with the new Places

Many apps display Tweets as points on a map, based on exact latitude/
longitude coordinates. Easy.

However the new Places feature allows Tweets to be approximately geo-
located, within a ‘Place’ of chosen granularity, e.g. a city, or a

This is great for users who have ‘geo-privacy’ concerns about
revealing an exact latitude/longitude. But this approach presents a
challenge to us developers: how can approximately-located Tweets be
displayed on a map?!

Moreover, we need to adopt a standard way of showing these
approximately-located Tweets, to help users form a consistent
understanding of the Places feature.

‘polytweet’ is my Javascript library which displays approximately-
located Tweets on a Google Map.

I hacked it together at Chirp last week, because I will need something
like this for GeoMeme (my app, see http://www.geome.me), and also to
share it with other developers and encourage a standard approach.

You can see the demo at http://bit.ly/polytweetdemo which includes an
added bonus demo of Hovercards On A Map. Screenshots and more details
on http://hitching.net

The Javascript library itself is at http://code.google.com/p/polytweet/

Let us know what you think.

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