Hello people,

I'm trying to do something that I don't know if will work. Let me
explain the main idea:

1) A user 'login with twitter' in my application;
2) This user should have the possibility to 'add account'. This means
that, if a user owns more than 1 account, we will associate the 1st
account (the one he logged in: main account) and the new he want to
add (sub account). The goal is to tweet to sub-accounts as well as
edit sub-account details from main account.

The thing is, after I login with the main account, and if a want to
add a new sub-account, I have to go to twitter, enter sub-account user
and passwords, to get all the information so I can store in my DB.
But, when I give this account name and password, I don't want to login
(cause I'm already with the main account), I just want to retrieve the
information (especially the access token and secret).

Is possible to get access token and secret giving the account name and
password but without login? Doing that with human interaction would be
great, but I need to go to twitter always, right?

Any of you have an idea how can I do this?


Luis Gonçalves

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