Hey all. I've been working on this little plugin for WordPress that's
supposed to kind of act like Tweetmeme, but a little bit more branded
and doesn't actually show the number of retweets, maybe that's a
drawback, but hey, I wouldn't like to show 0 retweets ;)

Anyway, the snippet works with jQuery and Facebox, you can see it in
action on http://kovshenin.com in each blog post. I used the original
@Anywhere "Follow @.." button but wrote Retweet (is that against the

I was just wondering what your thoughts are. Is this useful or is this
yet another crappy parody on tweetmeme? I haven't released the plugin
public yet, but you'll be able to tweak the url shortener, tweet
format, etc.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

~ K

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