I came across this a few days ago. The problem here I believe, is that
there's some calculation going on in javascript based on the block
you're displaying it in, which in your case is not visible at all,
thus the iframe is being tagged with a 0x0 width and height. There are
two ways to solve it:

1. Fire the .tweetBox() function only AFTER the div is displayed, i.e.
as soon as the fadein/slidein or whatever animation is complete
2. Overriding CSS styles with the !important tag, here's a copy from
my code:

#tbox iframe.twitter-anywhere-tweet-box {
        width: 488px !important;
        height: 140px !important;

Where #tbox is the element I run tweetBox() on.


On Apr 21, 11:02 am, "Juan [...@pottersys]" <potter...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm trying out the Tweet Box for a tiny page, and I gave to the layer
> where the Tweet Box is a fade effect (and hiding the 'Coming soon'
> message). I added a hash shorcut too (e.g.: when you go to
> url#participa, it'll show only the Tweet Box)
> In Chrome, works great. In Firefox, going to the hashed page works
> great; but when I go to the main page, and I click to the link to show
> the Tweet Box, it just appear the message and the white <div> where
> the Tweet Box should be.
> There is a demo onhttp:// the direct
> Tweet Box link is inhttp://
> I think it's a problem about how jQuery handles hide(); , but I want
> to be sure about that
> Thanks for any clue!
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