Hi everyone,

I'm James, I work at the Symbian Foundation. I thought you might be
interested to hear to about an open source project to create a common
social networking integration point for developers in Symbian^4, which
will be finished in August this year.

The "Social Mobile Framework" will ultimately create two things:
 - a plug-in interface, so that social networks can be plugged in as
the data source for features in all the native apps. For example, a
twitter plug-in could bring twitter updates to your home screen or
contacts status feeds, a flickr plug-in could get the image gallery
uploading and browsing your flickr collections, etc.
 - access to these plug-ins to all third party app developers from a
common interface.

Like I said, It's open source, so here are some resources.
 - Project Wiki: 
 - Mailing List: 
 - Mercurial: http://developer.symbian.org/oss/FCL/sf/incubator/socialmobilefw/
 - If you run doxygen over the code, you'll get the interface specs.
I'm looking into getting prebuilt docs on the project page asap.

What do we need?
 - Developer opinions and review. If you look at mercurial repo,
you'll see it's still early days and there's still time to shape the
interfaces to make them do what you need for your apps. Join the
mailing list, offer opinions, etc.
 - Code contribution and testing is more than welcome, probably more
relevant later though. A team of developers at Sasken are contributing
the framework to Symbian, lead by Chandradeep Gandhi. They're on the
mailing list linked above.

Thanks and all the best!
James Aley.

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