Hi all!

I am having an issue with one of my apps. I set it up correctly I
think, when I do tests through the API console on 
it posts just fine, and my app has read/write access level.

However on my site, whenever I try to post a new tweet, the tweet
process seems to go without any error messages, but nothing gets
posted on my twitter account.
I have checked it with Firebug, there is in fact an error, I get a 401
Unauthorised status for https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/update.json.
It says "Read-only application cannot POST".

I consequently changed my app settings, and indeed it was read only at
first, but even after changing it to read/write, the problem remains.
Any idea where it could come from? What can I do to solve the issue?

Thank you!

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