Increased rate limits are often not granted to robots. It would ultimately
depend on what your bot is doing and what value it creates and contributes
to the overall ecosystem of Twitter. Long-term we are working to improve the
amount of rate limiting and content pushing limiting information we can
provide, but to tell you the truth some of the limits on these things are a
mystery to me as well right now. I'm working on better understanding the
interaction points so I can better answer questions like this for you.

What's your bot all about?

Taylor Singletary
Developer Advocate, Twitter

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 7:09 PM, Chris White <>wrote:

> I did a search around to see if I could find a similiar thread asking
> what I am, but I'm having a hard time putting together the correct
> search keywords for this.
> I'm developing a twitter bot and plan to implement some features in
> the bot itself, and others in a web application.  The bot and web
> application will use the same database to keep in sync.
> The features I plan to add would potentially increase the status
> update rate for my bot.  If these events occur, I would transition
> those features to the web app instead.  However, I don't see a way to
> check against the status update limit short of keeping track locally.
> It seems that the 1000 tweet limit is further broken down into some
> unknown number.  Is there any way to check against the update limit so
> I know to throttle my bot and modify my code? I'd rather not keep
> hitting the API limit through HTTP errors and potentially get my bot
> in trouble.
> Also, I've seen a limit on duplicate content for not just the last
> tweet, but x tweets back as well.  I normally get around this by
> adding randomization to my bots tweets, which has worked pretty well,
> but I'm curious as to why the "x tweets back" isn't clearly defined
> somewhere.
> If these questions are already answered somewhere I appologize ahead
> of time, Once again I tried a few search keywords and didn't come up
> with much.
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