Hello Taylor,

> What's your bot all about?

The bot is a character bot for a popular Japanese doujin (not
commercially backed, a person makes the game in their spare time and
usually sells them at conventions) game. Such bots are highly
concentrated throughout the Japanese community, as the writing system
they have can say a lot more in 140 characters than with English
characters (one word can constitute 2 characters for example).

Basically such bots are conversational AI bots. Given certain cues
they respond in a certain way.  Such responses are sometimes
randomized to provide a more dynamic interaction to users.  With my
current twitter bot, I'm currently working on an AI based system to
constitute unsupervised learning and responses based on how the user
interacts with the bot.

However, because of the status updates imposed, and lack of knowledge
on the specific rates, I have to consider how a normal person would
operate, and include events such as "going to sleep" and "heading out
for a bit".  If certain interactions require a larger number of status
updates, I planned to have it as a kind of web app that users could
continue their conversation with the character, making my worries more
about the data storage requirements in the database than status update

Other bot creators, however, may not have such elaborate setups due to
hosting costs.  For them, it's important to be able to scale their
both with a large number of followers by being able to throttle status
updates as per the twitter requirements.  These bot creators wish to
stay within the guidelines that twitter provides, but armed only with
the knowledge of  but the daily limit and receiving HTTP error codes,
there is nothing to go off of.

On the point of how such bots contribute to the twitter community,
because the bot acts as the character itself, it draws fans of the
characters into a tighter knit community.  Users can look at the bot's
follower list and find users with more similiar and focused interests
with ease. Such bots will usually produce random non-reply based
tweets with the character's lines, giving a topic of discussion for
the bot's followers.  There are even some users that go so far as to
follow nothing but their favorite character's bots.

Best Regards,
Chris White

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