I recall his being brought up before and having it left as not being a high
priority because of high resource cost. The ids method is pretty easy in
 all the friends/followers ids would be in a single column but for
screen_names you have to get those ids then query the screen_name from
another column. Circumstances may have changed though.


On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 10:06, Orian Marx (@orian) <or...@orianmarx.com>wrote:

> It would be useful to have endpoints for retrieving user screen names
> 5000 at a time just like with friends/ids and followers/ids. The
> primary use case I see for this is for twitter clients to be able to
> easily provide screen name auto-complete based on a user's connections
> (without having to load up the full user objects using statuses/
> friends and statuses/followers).
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