I posted this issue a couple of days ago when I noticed my logs
reporting duplicate status IDs from the public timeline.  I haven't
heard back from Twitter support, so I wanted to post another message
out there.  Perhaps someone else is experiencing this issue.

I checked and it looks like around 8:54 PM on 4-19-10 Twitter's status
IDs from the public timeline started reporting differently.  Typically
status IDs look something like this "12475374318", but now they all
have zeros at the end like this "12475380000".  I thought this had
something to do with the upcoming change to the way status ids were
being generated.  But Taylor from Twitter support said that change
hasn't been implemented yet.  My log is filling up with duplicate ID
messages, so I'm hoping that someone out there knows what is going
on.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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