Dear Sirs,

Hello! My name is Xiaowen, I have been playing with Twitter for some
time and I am writing to ask a small question regarding Streaming
API :)

>From the documentation I know we can use the command "curl -d
@locations -
uAnyTwitterUser:Password" to filter geo-tagged tweets in a bounded box
area, we could also use similar method to follow tweets of specific
users. These are two parameters which can be implemented by statuses/
filter method. My question is, if I want to incorporate both of these
two parameters in one command, how to put them together? I have tried
something like

"curl -d @locations @following

but it doesn't work :(

Later I got response from Twitter support, suggesting that:

"One Streaming API connection can filter both geo-tagged tweets and
tweets from specific users. You may want to combine both of your
parameters into one file so that you do not need to reference two in
your command (for example @locandfollow instead of @locations

But then what is the correct way to put the parameters in one file? I
tried simply put them together, like this:


but still it doesn't work.

Many thanks for your advices!

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