I've found that all of my 500 isses are related to "poison users." For
whatever reason, I can never get their followers. I retry on 500, so I
end up with an infinite loop of 500s for these users. When 500s happen
with other users, my program usually succeeds after 1 or 2 retries.

The only way to resolve it is to kill my process, add the user to a
blacklist, and start over. It's really frustrating.


On Apr 25, 5:31 am, Dossy Shiobara <do...@panoptic.com> wrote:
> From my logged errors ... here's an example:
> http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.xml?id=4583991
> On 4/25/10 12:37 AM, Mark McBride wrote:
> > Without more details this is going to be really hard to troubleshoot.
> > Can you reliably reproduce this?  What are the exact URIs you're
> > calling that return 500s?  What user are you using to make these
> > calls?  What authentication method?
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