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I think I saw this request go by, so I'll just add my vote for showing
unfollows as well as follows.

I just started testing with "curl" tonight. So far the only comments /
questions I have other than unfollows are:

1. How do I code the "track" option? Is it done the same way (in curl)
as I would do it for the "filter" endpoint?

2. Can I add "locations" as well as "track"? I don't have a use case for
that just yet, mostly because so few tweets near me geographically are
geotagged. But I would certainly use it if it was available.

3. I did a test of a direct message. Contrary to popular belief, it *is*
possible to send yourself a DM. Note to self ... ;-) Anyhow, there is a
lot of duplication in the JSON for a DM. It looks like you have user
objects for the sender and receiver and have duplicated some of the data
in those user objects in the DM object. Moreover, on a user stream, one
of the people in a DM is going to be you - why even have your own object
in the message?

Parsing doesn't look difficult - JSON "documents" are "traditionally"
free-form anyhow, IIRC.
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

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