On 4/26/2010 8:43 AM, jaronbarends wrote:
@raffi thanks for your replies. I didn't mean to start a discussion
about Twitter's policy here (although I can imagine some people would
like to discuss it elsewhere). I'm mostly interested in finding a

@dean: I'm not sure I understand your suggestion about using oAuth for
both the desktop and the web app. Did you mean letting the users allow
access through the desktop app, then storing the username/token
combination in a central database and using that database for the web
app too? That wouldn't work for me since I do not have a desktop app,
end I do not store anything in a database...

no I think he meant that you can use the oAuth for EITHER the desktop or the web. You wouldn't even need to store the username; just the token and the token_secret. And the database can be anything from an actual RDBMS to a text file stored on the server (although with the fact that almost every web host that you pay for provides at least MySQL and the fact that text files are notoriously insecure you should be thinking about upgrading).

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