Nope, Dossy is pretty much on the money, I don't care about the money
and I'd prefer to see people using it rather than let it die.

Basically I'm a little over twitter and their amateur approaches to
certain things. I'd be the first person lining up to pay my $20 a month
or whatever for real commercial accounts with real support one on one
support contacts 9eg something goes wrong you call the person you dealt
with alst time so as not to explain everything again)..

At the end of the day I think this oauth is a ballsup, why change now
when 2.0 is around the corner.
Why change now when you just found out everyone in china is going to be
cut off.

Basically I'm exiting the twitter dance, last one out turn off the

I'm off to Friendster   :)





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On 4/26/2010 1:18 PM, Andrew Badera wrote:
> Though I've disagreed with Dean's use and means of promoting of his
> app since Day One, I hardly think his message rises to the level of
> "threat." I think there's enough misinformation, disinformation,
> irritation and anger floating around this list these days that the
> last thing anyone needs is gratuitous drama, particularly on behalf of
> someone NOT employed by Twitter and NOT directly addressed by Dean's
> communication and possible intent of said communication.

Here's what I saw it boil down to:  Dean saying that if Twitter doesn't 
like his application and won't approve it because they think that it's 
spamming or churning, he'll just open source it let others try to 
whitelist his app under their name.  I doubt it will work (unless Dean 
thinks that they're going after him personally I don't see how others 
will get approved on the same app just because the name's changed), but 
it's almost like "you'll whitelist this app one way or another. Your 

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