> What's the latest schedule for increasing the allowed API call rate for
> oAuth users? That seems to have been lost in the shuffle.

unclear - we're actively working with our infrastructure and operations
teams on capacity planning specifically so we can increase the rate limits.

> Also, is there any advantage to xAuth over the desktop PIN oAuth scheme
> (for a desktop application)? I'm putting together a proposal and can't see
> any real advantage to it on the desktop, especially since I have the oAuth
> code done, thanks to Marc Mims' Net::Twitter. ;-)

personally, i would -love it-, if everybody just used the oauth web workflow
so that none of you even see a user's username/password.  that would make
the web more secure.  i'm even soliciting suggestions on what we could do to
make the web workflow better.  i understand, however, that the PIN workflow
can be off putting for some users.

so, implementing oAuth instead of xAuth would make me happy - but i doubt
that's a motivation for most developers.

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team

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