On Apr 24, 6:31 am, Patrick Kennedy <kenned...@gmail.com> wrote:
> My explaination is more language agnostic, and works for an oauth web
> flow.  But I like your RoR idea, and it sounds like there is support
> for "localhost" development to some extent.  I suppose /authenticated

I wouldn't say it's a RoR specific idea, personally I consider it just
good development practice. Regardless of the language I develop in, I
always have a locally running version of the code that I can access in
a method comparable to how I'd access it on a production server (e.g.,
over HTTP). In the instances where I don't do that (like I don't want
to taint my OSX install with PHP dependencies or I'm using ASP.Net)
then I'll setup a virtual machine on my laptop that is nearly
identical to my production server.

It's usually quite easy to do and can save a lot of hassle in the long

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