On 4/27/2010 4:32 AM, jaronbarends wrote:

Thanks for your suggestion. I do indeed have a mysql, but haven't seen
the need to implement it in my app (http://twimply.com) since it
basicly only offers an alternative web interface for using twitter.

The only mentioned using a database as a possible solution: creating a
desktop app that let's my users allow permission through xAuth, Then I
would have to access the the same database from the web app, and re-
use those tokens. Another problem with that is that the tokens will be
bound to the desktop app, and not to the web app. So to make that
work, Twitter would have to make it possible to link the tokens of a
desktop app and a web app.

For me this is purely hypothetical, since I do not have the skills nor
the resources to create a desktop app.


First off all you really need is Visual Basic/Studio Express, and that's free. Second, you may not be able to directly do that, but what you could do is have your desktop app use an API exposed from your web site, which would use one set of tokens that the users already uses from the web site directly. Catch the drift.

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