I've found a number of things that don't seem to behave as documented
on either the old API wiki or the new Dev site. I'm writing a tutorial
on this portion of the API, so I'd like to know if the docs are
correct, and I'm just getting weird results, or if the docs are wrong.
I'm using PHP and cURL to test this. I'm sending a very simple search
request of:

1. Docs say "Search API is not limited by the same 150 requests per
hour limit as the REST API. The number is quite a bit higher and we
feel it is both liberal and sufficient for most applications."

When I try calling the Search API, the rate limit shown in the header
is 150. Exceeding 150 in an hour does cause a rate limit failure, so
this number does seem to be 150.

2. Docs say "Consumers using the Search API but failing to include a
User Agent string will receive a lower rate limit."

I got the same rate limit of 150 whether or not I use the cURL user
agent option. I tried an application name of "twitter app tutorial"
and a standard Mozilla user agent string.

3. Docs say "An application that exceeds the rate limitations of the
Search API will receive HTTP 420 response codes to requests."

When I exceed 150 requests, I get a 400 HTTP response code, not 420.

4. Docs say "It is a best practice to watch for this error condition
and honor the Retry-After header that instructs the application when
it is safe to continue."

When I exceed 150 requests, I don't see a retry-After header value.

Thanks for your help with this.

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