Hi all,

I've got this use case:

I have a button, clicking which opens up a tweet box with text
defaulted by my application. Here's how I've implemented:

1. Have a "tweet" button.
2. On clicking tweet, call javascript method showTweetBox which
 - 2.1 Makes ajax call to my application to fetch some text (default
tweet text)
 - 2.2 on successful ajax calls this (copied and modified from
@anywhere documentation)
twttr.anywhere(function (T) {
                  height: 40,
                  width: 480,
                  defaultContent: msg, // this is my default text
obtained through ajax call dynamically
                  label: "Tweet this video",
                  onTweet: removeTweetBox

This whole thing takes quite some time (>15 seconds) for the "first
time" to display the tweet box. In subsequent calls this thing is as
fast as expected.

The wait between pressing "tweet" and watching the tweet box appear
for the first time when someone presses tweet is extremely long, and
almost entirely taken up the anywhere function call (I checked with my
ajax call - doesn't take any time).

I understand this post has quite a few subjective elements (my
browser, my net speed etc) but is there a way to speed up the
"anywhere" call which replaces a <div> tag with the <iframe>
containing the tweet box? Do you recommend some other way?

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