There might be a rate limit trick or two that you might find useful:

You should also make sure to read the API TOS thoroughly. You are not auto
following/unfollowing but you are still performing bulk operations.


On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 04:41, deadlychaos <> wrote:

> Hi there,
> We are very excited to develop an App on Twitter ecosystem. We are
> developing something which removes all the spam from user's followers
> list and shows him how much exactly non-spam followers he has. But to
> perform such task, we need way more than what Twitter Whitelisted
> account offers (20,000). For an instance, Twitter CEO @EV himself has
> around 1.1 Million Followers. What we do is we have designed a set of
> algorithms which removes all the spam, inactive and such other
> followers and show how many exactly real followers the particular user
> has. But to do this (by rest api) we need to spend 1 call to calculate
> every 100 followers of the user. And once we get those 100 follower we
> need 1 more call to filter out spam followers. Also there are few more
> such tasks we need to perform to filter out the spam which needs more
> calls. So if for instance a user has more than 1 million followers,
> our system will not be able to calculate his overall non-spam
> followers. Also there is a chance when multiple users can try to check
> how many non-spam followers they have at the same time. All I need to
> ask is, how am I able to get more than one IP addresses white-listed
> (white-listing form states that we are able to whitelist more than one
> ip) and if such thing is possible, how can we use both the ip's to
> perform one single task of user having more than 1 million followers.
> Also we were thinking of getting more than one Twitter account white-
> listed associated to our business and then use them one by one when we
> use all the calls from one id. Is this feasible? If both the methods
> (White-listing IP and White-listing Accounts) are not a proper way to
> perform such task, what would you recommend us to do? We have spent
> countless nights getting this algorithms work and we even have tested
> them on small user account having less than 1000 followers and it
> works like charm. We are searching for solution since a month now. I
> hope we will get help here.
> Eagerly waiting for reply from Twitter.
> Thanks a lot in advance!

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