I have been trying this and have already spent lot of time on this but
what i don't understand is how is getting the access token working and
post to update is not working when i am using the same signature
generation method for both the requests.

Here is my complete scenario.
1. fetch the request token
2. redirect the user to the authurize page
3. get the verifier from the new called back url
4. getting the access token by passing oauth_token and auth_verifier
5. create a new post request for update and sign the request with
HMAC.sign(toSign, consumerSecret + '&' + tokenSecret)
   Note: toSign is the request with the following headers :
oauth_timestamp, oauth_signature_method, oauth_version, oauth_nonce,
6. Send the request.

Also if helpfull, i am using following values

I have verified most of the things and looks good to me, also there is
very less possibility of generating wrong signature as I have used the
same signature to get the access token and was able to successfully
receive it.

Any pointers highly appreciated.


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