One thought that I have had, is that 3rd party developers can't ADD
any more detail to Twitter posts, than what is contained inside the
120 characters, except for maybe location data.

However with the growth of embedding LINKS inside of tweets, would it
make sense to develop a Twitter XML Meta data SCHEMA to add meta data

For example, if the link points to a VIDEO, than the inside the URL,
the user could add standard "tweet" meta data explaining to twitter
clients that the tweet itself contains a video, that could be directly
embedded into a client.

I know Google Buzz is doing some "intelligent" dipping into embedded
links, but this would establish a Twitter "Standard" for any twitter
with a link in it.

Therefore, ANY tweet containing an URL, could be quickly queried for
the XML metadata, and be able to extract things like a PHOTO, VIDEO,
or even widgets, feeds, people, places, etc.
You could also include the original full message that exceed the 140
character limit, in the case where a message was truncated from
another source.
Maybe even a way to embed the required "embed" code so that twitter
clients properly display the item inside a client.

Is there anything like this already?

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