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> One thought that I have had, is that 3rd party developers can't ADD
> any more detail to Twitter posts, than what is contained inside the
> 120 characters, except for maybe location data.
> However with the growth of embedding LINKS inside of tweets, would it
> make sense to develop a Twitter XML Meta data SCHEMA to add meta data
> For example, if the link points to a VIDEO, than the inside the URL,
> the user could add standard "tweet" meta data explaining to twitter
> clients that the tweet itself contains a video, that could be directly
> embedded into a client.
> I know Google Buzz is doing some "intelligent" dipping into embedded
> links, but this would establish a Twitter "Standard" for any twitter
> with a link in it.
> Therefore, ANY tweet containing an URL, could be quickly queried for
> the XML metadata, and be able to extract things like a PHOTO, VIDEO,
> or even widgets, feeds, people, places, etc.
> You could also include the original full message that exceed the 140
> character limit, in the case where a message was truncated from
> another source.
> Maybe even a way to embed the required "embed" code so that twitter
> clients properly display the item inside a client.
> Is there anything like this already?

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