This seems to be a good thread to ask about a roadmap issue about
avatar handling, because it brings up the issue of timeline accuracy
with respect to the avatar.

If you use a mobile user agent to view twitter (I used iPhone 3.0) you
will see an interesting layout difference with respect to avatars.
Each tweet on a single user's page has its own copy of the avatar
place to the left of the tweet. for

There have been many occasions (and these use cases will only increase
over time) in which the avatar was changed and is referenced in the
tweet itself. The green overlay meme for iranelection was such a time.
Another was when @whitehouse, in the run-up to the health care reform
bill, changed their avatar every day (with a number in a blue field)
to refer to an issue that they wanted to highlight.

This contextual history is currently lost forever.

How cool would it have been to see this tweet (@jack s first ever
tweet: ) with the historically
accurate avatar instead of his current one??

Hey twitter guys, does this sound like something you'd like to build
into the platform?


On Apr 27, 2:06 pm, Edi <> wrote:
> Thank you. That's all I needed to know :)
> On Apr 26, 7:41 pm, Mark McBride <> wrote:
> > It's in the bug tracker, and on my list of stuff to look at.  Caching
> > in general is a high priority issue at the moment.
> >    ---Mark
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