Hi everyone. Hope you'll be kind to a non-programmer here. :-) I think
I have an unusual circumstance involving the use of @anywhere on my
web site.

The site in question is called @U2. Yep, been using the @ symbol on
our site since 1998 and it's all over the place. The specific problem
I'm having can be seen on this page:


I'm using the hovercards and you can see the author's name correctly
brings up her hovercard for @tassoula. I'm calling the javascript to
only show hovercards in this main content window, so that the headings
on the right (@U2 Blog Posts, @U2 Calendar, etc.) won't be linked.

But ... as you can see in the first sentence of the article, the
mention of our site name is also linked to a hovercard for @U2.
There's no Twitter account in that name. (The band should own it but

Is there any way to solve for this? Thanks in advance.


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