Hello Raffi,

> and yes - there is a whitelisting for status/updates -- please e-mail
> a...@twitter to ask for it.

I don't have permissions so I can't post their name, but a friend of
mine sent such a request and received this response:

Thank you for writing in. Sorry for any confusion, but API
whitelisting does not cover the statuses/update call, as this call is
a POST method. All Twitter accounts are subject to the same 1000
tweets per day limit. We also do not have a specific limit status call
for remaining tweets, but I will pass this along to our engineers as a
feature request. I apologize for the inconvenience that this causes to
you and your team.


Seems to be conflicting with the previous statement, so I'm not sure
what to make of it.

Best Regards,
Chris White

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