Emboldened by my success with Abraham's library, I moved along to
Scott Desapio's for Classic ASP! Succeeded in using it to post status
update via script w/o the Oauth dosey-do. Yay! Thanks very, very much
to Scott for doing all of this great work of clearing a path through
the wilderness for the rest of us. Those of you who are advanced like
Scott and Abraham may be unable to understand why it is that we mere
mortals have a difficult time adapting to Oauth for Twitter.

I'll share what I did to help others who may be as worried about Oauth
as I was. This is not a finished, polished app, it is merely an
exercise in simplifying everything to get the most basic results just
as a start. Here's a quick rundown:

After uploading Desapio's files
(http://scottdesapio.com/VBScriptOAuth/), search and replace
"" with your domain name, assuming you're using a hosting
company rather than your own PC.

To be able to make status updates via web script programmatically
without logging in, etc.,
go to this file oauth/cLibOAuth.RequestURL.asp

and look for
                        Dim strSecret : strSecret = _
                                m_strConsumerSecret & "&" & _

Replace m_strConsumerSecret with the string that is your consumer secret.
Replace m_strTokenSecret with the string that is your oauth_token_secret.

Next go to update_status.asp and look for
        ' setup oAuth object
        objOAuth.ConsumerKey = OAUTH_EXAMPLE_CONSUMER_KEY
        objOAuth.ConsumerSecret = OAUTH_EXAMPLE_CONSUMER_SECRET
        objOAuth.Parameters.Add "in_reply_to", strReplyTo
        objOAuth.Parameters.Add "in_reply_to_status_id", intReplyID
        objOAuth.Parameters.Add "oauth_token", Session(OAUTH_TOKEN)
        objOAuth.Parameters.Add "status", strStatus
        objOAuth.RequestMethod = OAUTH_REQUEST_METHOD_POST

Replace as follows:
        ' setup oAuth object
        objOAuth.ConsumerKey = "YOUR-CONSUMER-KEY-HERE"
        objOAuth.ConsumerSecret = "YOUR-CONSUMER-SECRET-HERE"
        'objOAuth.Parameters.Add "in_reply_to", strReplyTo COMMENT OUT UNLESS
        'objOAuth.Parameters.Add "in_reply_to_status_id", intReplyID COMMENT OUT
        'objOAuth.Parameters.Add "oauth_token", Session(OAUTH_TOKEN)
commented out and replaced as below with oauth token from twitter app
                objOAuth.Parameters.Add "oauth_token", 
                objOAuth.Parameters.Add "oauth_token_secret",
        objOAuth.Parameters.Add "status", strStatus
        objOAuth.RequestMethod = OAUTH_REQUEST_METHOD_POST

Find the line that says
        Dim strStatus : strStatus = Request.Form("post")
and replace as follows:
        Dim strStatus : strStatus = "YOUR UNIQUE STATUS UPDATE HERE"

Comment out the following lines:
        'Dim intReplyId : intReplyId = Request.Form("replyId")
        'Dim strReplyTo : strReplyTo = Request.Form("replyTo")

Comment out:
'If objOAuth.LoggedIn Then

Comment out:
        'Response.Status = RESPONSE_STATUS_403
'End If

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