Enjoying a free Saturday afternoon, I was playing with @Anywhere and I
noticed something quite strange related to Twitter Usernames. The
@Anywhere documentation says "A Twitter screen name is an '@' symbol
followed by 1 to 20 alphanumeric characters, including underscores"

The problem is… I thought a Twitter Username could not exceed 15
characters? Try to create / change your username to something longer
than 15 chars: you can’t. But @Anywhere JS is still trying to add
Hovercards to these strings (@15+ chars) that cannot match any Twitter

Is it a bug? A confusion with “Real Names”? A necessity because of a
previous policy (can’t remember if you could create 15+ chars
Usernames in the past)? Or do you plan to allow usernames longer than
15 chars in a near future?

Was just wondering :)

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