Hi all,

This may just be my misunderstanding, but there seems to be an
inconsistency between the documentation and actual behaviour of the /
statuses/retweet API call.

The documentation is here - http://dev.twitter.com/doc/post/statuses/retweet

It implies that you should be able to post a message to
https://api.twitter.com/statuses/retweet.json passing an id=<tweetid>
parameter in the post body, and it will work. However it does not, as
you can see with this sample request:

curl https://api.twitter.com/statuses/retweet.json -u <user>:<pass> -d

However this request:

curl https://api.twitter.com/statuses/retweet/13199148131.json -u
<user>:<pass> -d id=13199148131

seems to work. It also implies this request should work, where it also
does not:

curl https://api.twitter.com/statuses/retweet.json?id=13199148131 -u
<user>:<pass> -d id=13199148131

Any clarification on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Chris Alexander

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