Hey everyone,

I'm one of the collaborators on the MGTwitterEngine project for Mac
and iPhone developers. We've finished our initial implementation of
OAuth and XAuth support within MGTwitterEngine. This uses the
OAuthConsumer framework to handle the business end of OAuth, meaning
that there are only a couple new MGTwitterEngine APIs you need to use
(and we've got a wiki guide for migrating to OAuth). We expect most
users of the framework to want to use XAuth to obtain an access token,
so we have a convenience API for handling that (of course, you'll need
to obtain the opt-in from Twitter). After getting XAuth access, it
shouldn't take more than a half hour to get set up to obtain your
access token and start sending requests.

We're also planning on releasing a new version of MGTwitterEngine with
support for some new APIs and bug fixes, as well as OAuth. We're
hoping to get this out by WWDC, or at least before the OAuth deadline.
We're aware of the buffer needed for App Store approval, so we'll be
trying to finish this up ASAP.

You can grab the code from the project page here:

You can read the migration guide here:

Feedback is always welcome. If you have any issues, please file them
in the project issue tracker here: 

Now stop using basic auth already.


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