Your oAuth client you wrote in TCL, is it a client using TCL/TK or is it pure 
TCL? I do ask because I'm still pretty much a novice TCL coder and am unsure 
how I could go about writing something sending and receiving these requests, 
and with looking at doing Out-of-band/PIN implementation about causing my app 
(which will be running off of an eggdrop bot) to possibly pop up a browser 
window or at least look at finding a way for the bot to pull this information 
another way and return it to the user. Will see how to work on this when I 
finally get started converting from basic auth to oAuth.


On 5/6/2010 9:50 PM, Dustin wrote:
> I was lookin at maybe doing Out-of-band/PIN Code Authentication.
> However, I don't see much documentation on how to go about doing this.
> On May 6, 4:48 pm, Dossy Shiobara <> wrote:
>> I have written an OAuth client in Tcl for Twitter Karma, but it's in no
>> condition to open source at the moment.
>> However, I can tell you that the sha1 package (for sha1::hmac) works,
>> and the base64 package (for base64::encode) too.
>> OAuth really isn't that hard to implement, really.  And, from the sounds
>> of it, you don't even need a full OAuth consumer implementation, just a
>> working access token for your account - perhaps there's a simple utility
>> out there that you can feed your consumer key and secret into and have
>> it output your access token that you can then use.
>> On 5/6/10 5:01 PM, Dustin wrote:
>>> I currently have been working on an application under TCL to post my
>>> twitter timeline, direct messages, profile information and such
>>> (almost a full TCL app) for my IRC eggdrop bot. I've been using the
>>> Basic Authentication method and I've just read come 6/30 I won't be
>>> able to use this method any longer. Has anyone come across an oAuth
>>> library for TCL that I can look into using so I can continue to work
>>> on this project of mine and not have it die when the Basic Auth method
>>> dies here soon?
>>> If you are interested in what I have ATM, my code can be found here:
>>> Any help for the conversion will be greatly appreciated.
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