I was reading on this, I currently have an application that I'll be working
on converting to OAuth from Basic Auth. My question is, is the Basic Auth
method still limited to 150/hr rate limit? I ask because that is what my app
currently returns when I send a request to account/rate_limit_status.




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Hmm isn't  'X-RateLimit-Remaining' header enough? why make additional call?

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 10:14 PM, Abraham Williams <4bra...@gmail.com>

Look at your request
"/account/rate_limit_statusaccount/verify_credentials.json". Notice how
rate_limit_status and verify_credentials are both jammed together.


It also looks like you are using an older version of TwitterOAuth. The
newest version uses https://api.twitter.com/1/ as the host which gives you a
rate limit of 350/hour instead of 150/hour. 


To get the rate_limit_status in the newest version call




On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 07:23, Rushikesh Bhanage <rishibhan...@gmail.com>

  Hi there,
     About my app - my app deals with showing user his followers
information. So I  need to check each follower to show result. Everything is
going properly except one. While doing this I need to check API remaining
hits of account.(whitelisted a/c.)  
     Now what I want is, if my app is using calls of particular a/c then I
should get remaining hits of that a/c using OAuth.
     I am studying Abraham's code on github in that it gives particular
user's info, but when I go for rate limit status url for Host like as:
public $host = "http://twitter.com/account/rate_limit_status";;
it gives result as:
  stdClass Object
    [request] =>
    [error] => Not found

Am I going wrong way? Can you suggest me the right one?
 Thank you in advance.

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